ENERGY FIELDS, a new exhibit curated by Marieken Cochius, opens July 12
through August 26, 2014 at the Lofts at Beacon Gallery, showcasing the Hudson
Valley artists Sarah Barker, Marieken Cochius, Judy Thomas and Anna West,
with an Opening Reception on Saturday, July 19, from 5 to 8 pm.
Marieken Cochius, originally from Holland, chose the artists for this show
specifically for the current and play of energy that emanates from each of their
works. The painter Sarah Barker (Catskill) has “a fantastic ability to capture the
essence of energy or vibration from within her subjects,” says Cochius. With
meticulous strokes that almost look like tiny cowry shells radiating out from the
center like mandalas, Barker “gets it from the inside, and we, the observers, feel it
from the outside –– like a pulsating energy field,” says Cochius.
The artist Judy Thomas (Newburgh) “does drawings in space,” says Cochius.
Using materials such as plastic and panty hose, Thomas’s installation pieces loop
and arc in playful, wildly colorful forms that are “magical and create their own
energy field that the viewer can actually walk through,” says Cochius. “The lines
cut through open space like veins with a vibrancy I find attractive,” she adds.
Anna West (Beacon), who photographs ice and snow, “goes out in the world and
creates an almost sacred space or beacon of potential energy that becomes kinetic
as it melts,” explains Cochius. In her surreal, abstract landscapes, West throws
snowballs with food coloring on a selected spot, be it a frozen waterfall or a patch
of ice, then returns over the next few days to capture and highlight the dripping
and thawing. “I like the slow release that she reveals,” says Cochius.
Wappingers Falls artist Marieken Cochius’s drawings in graphite, ink, charcoal
and pastel on paper are variations or extensions of a line of a poem she wrote –
– one strand of terrifying color shivering before you. Cochius “strives for a true
line,” she says, and her drawings are made with both hands. “My left hand is
more like an antenna, more searching, while my right hand is more sure.” The
lines in her work move across the paper like ribbons of lightning that look to be
cutting through the moody cloud of a storm.
For more information, contact Marieken Cochius at 646-379-1405, or Nicole
Corneyea at 845-202-7211.
WHERE: LOFTS at BEACON GALLERY, 18 Front Street, Beacon, NY 12508
WHEN: July 12 – August 26, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 19, 5–8 pm.