“People of the Fields” By Barbara Masterson

Artist Talk:  10/21/18 2:00 pm

Show Dates – 10/1/2018 -11/3/18


845-202-7211     loftsatbeacon@gmail.com

 ARTIST STATEMENT:  In 2015, I was plein air painting when migrant workers came into view. I gestured them into my paintings. As time went on these shapes became much more. Their forms became individuals. My work transformed. These are the people that do the jobs that most Americans won’t do, yet who might face deportation under the new Washington administration.

Familiar shapes in fields and orchards, migrant workers toil in the Hudson Valley doing jobs most Americans won’t, earning modest wages, sometimes risking deportation.

Hard at work, they summon our attention and invite us to come closer, to see their labor and their humanity.

Who are they? Can you see them? What is life like for them? What role do we play in keeping them unseen? My work can expand our perceptions of these workers.   And knowing them, if only by their images in my paintings, can transform our view of our place and theirs in this beautiful Valley.